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This is your time to Shine!


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January 15-18, 2021


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Shine Symposiums

Interactive Symposiums for female athletes ages 13-18 years led by world class coaches and athletes & influential leaders in a positive and nurturing environment. Participants will engage in educational seminars, breakout sessions and fun activities that will inspire and empower them to achieve greater heights as students, athletes and female leaders.

Shine events welcome female athletes from all sports to connect with Olympic & World Champions and global leaders in all-inclusive annual events designed to empower young women to SHINE



Shine Ambassadors

Jazmin Sawyers thoughts on 
‘Consistency and Excellence’

"I try and keep three things in mind when I’m striving for success in anything.

  Am I being consistent?

  Am I being consistently 'excellent'?

  Am I happy?

Consistency and excellence need each other in whatever you’re pursuing, and I believe happiness leads to success, not the other way around!"

                                                                  - Jazmin Sawyers

Why We

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities that empower female athletes to achieve self-confidence and effective skills critical to athletic & personal development.

Shine Symposiums will bring together world class athletes and coaches & influential leaders from around the globe to inspire young women to make a commitment to healthy living through proper nutrition, self-confidence and sports performance.  Young athletes that are confident and healthy will be successful and empowered leaders in school, work, and life.

Why We Shine

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Shine Symposiums.  We have opportunities available for those with the desire to become a member of the Shine Team. 

If you have a talent in marketing, advertising, IT, or communications consider a volunteer or internship position.  If you or someone you know has experience in a topic relevant to our event, consider becoming a Shine Ambassador. Individual and corporate sponsorship and donation packages are available for those who align themselves with the mission of Shine and female equality and empowerment. Our events would not be possible without the generous involvement and donations of many organizations and individuals. If you wish to make a difference in the lives of young women, click on the links to to learn more.




Get Involved

Thank you to our Sponsors

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